About Me

I believe in change in education – not for the sake of change, but because change is imperative. Too many studies paint the same bleak picture of an education system that remains mired in past approaches and is failing to prepare our students for the worlds of today and tomorrow.

The good news is that change is happening, thanks to so many educators out there who are embracing the “plasticity” celebrated by John Dewey as “the finest product of schooling.”

I am committed to being an agent of change, and I believe that change can and must by shaped by those of us who have spent considerable time both as teachers, academics, and school leaders. We know where the potholes lie and which are the deepest and most ruinous. Working together and engaging in dialogue with one another, we can patch those potholes and pave a whole new road toward more dynamic and meaningful teaching and learning environments.

New teaching and learning technologies allow us to efficiently target and address learning deficiencies and to engage in synchronous and asynchronous dialogue both within and between classrooms, here in the United States and across the globe. New technologies offer teachers more opportunities than ever to scaffold, differentiate, deepen, expand, and amplify student learning. Students and teachers need the tools necessary, and, beyond tools, they need support and vision in the effective integration of these new tools; therein lies my particular passion.

I believe that dialogue between people of common passions and interests leads to the best possible decisions and outcomes within particular fields, and in that spirit I hope that the ideas presented on my site  will, at the very least, spark some internal discussion at your school.

Thank you for visiting, and for embracing change that makes sense.


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