How is Technology Transforming Education

Happy New Year, and welcome back! I hope you’re settling into 2014 in a transformational mindset (or at the very least having enjoyed a peaceful end to the 2013 year)!

If you’re not, I hope you will consider watching  Sir Ken Robinson’s video below, which came across in the feed at my virtual newspaper, Educational Technology Today (I am offering free subscription in the New Year, which would be a great deal, except it is already free anyway).

My favorite quotes from Sir Ken Robinson’s talk is as follows:

“The tools themselves are creating cultural changes and possibilities which are really quite new. Our students are connected just with the people in the room around them, but with literally anybody on the planet they care to be connected to.”

Sir Robinson’s comments provide a link across time and space to my end-of-year post here at What’s Transforming Teaching and Learning? I wrote in December about and the potential of Twitter to link our students to the leading voices in their preferred fields of study. It may not be quite as easy to connect “with literally anybody” as Sir Robinson would suggest – not all of the leading voices post their thoughts in social media spaces or, if they do, they may not allow unfettered access to the virtual spaces that their thoughts inhabit.

With regard to his comments on creation, I only wish that Adobe wasn’t boosting CS prices to the point where schools are starting to have to consider free but inferior alternatives available in the marketplace.

Enjoy the video, and, again, thank you for visiting. I hope 2014 is all you wish it to be.

YouTube Synopsis:
Published on Dec 7, 2012

“Technology is changing the world rapidly, impacting the way students learn and opening new possibilities for educators. Take a look what Sir Ken Robinson had to say when asked about the role of technology in education.

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