A Plea for a (paper.li) Holiday Gift!


With the holidays already upon us this will likely be my final post of 2013. I hope that each of you who has visited my new blog this year has a safe and fun-filled holiday season!

Today’s post focuses on paper.li and also serves as a call for your support in building an invaluable online resource for those who share my passion for a profound paradigm shift in education. Consider it your holiday gift to me!

Paper.li – which describes itself on its Twitter page as “The curation platform that enables you to turn Twitter, Facebook & RSS into online papers and treat readers to fresh news, daily” – has considerable potential to enrich professional development and to facilitate dialogue in teaching and learning, as well as to help our students stay abreast of the very latest developments in whatever they may be researching for their senior project (K-12) or thesis (undergraduate/graduate student).

Based on your own source selections, paper.li pulls online content tailored to your specific interests and passions into a nice-looking cyber journal. You simply curate through your source selections, which you can edit at any time as you discover new and better sources.

At my school, where senior project serves as the culminating experience of each student’s high school education, this could really be a research game changer, provided plenty of guidance is supplied from project mentors on the subject of evaluation of Internet resources. It could put our students in touch with real leaders within their respective fields of study, with those who update us daily on new and exciting developments via social media channels.

In the past, I have developed a paper.li cyber journal for the school I currently serve that targets the passions of our particular student population. It gets regular retweets from a few devoted followers.

Last night, I spent considerable time putting together a new paper.li cyber journal geared toward my fellow educational technology enthusiasts, which I have called Educational Technology Today.

One of the stumbling blocks I encountered was the 25-source limit on paper.li. There are simply so many sources out there commenting regularly via social media on developments in the field of educational technology, which is both wonderful and challenging to the curator.

So, please consider giving me a holiday gift this year in the form of your curation suggestions. What Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds would you include among your sources? Feel free to email me at npjobe@gmail.com.

Happy holidays, all!


One thought on “A Plea for a (paper.li) Holiday Gift!

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