Peer-Peer Talk/Listen Protocols and the Repeat Timer app


Repeat Timer Free App

This will be a brief post tonight to note an app I learned of today that can be used to support an in-classroom protocol or three. It’s called “Repeat Timer,” and, while certainly not transformational in nature, it is a valuable tool to explore for the tablet-equipped teacher who likes to follow defined protocols. 

The app – basically a sophisticated timer – automatically resets and runs again upon the expiration of your pre-programmed time frame. You can also program it to allow for a timed break between these timed active-learning sessions, as well.  


If, for example, your speak/listen protocol in paired contexts is for one student to speak uninterrupted for 45 seconds – perhaps synthesizing, summarizing, analyzing a particular piece of literature while his/her partner listens and takes notes – when the 45 seconds expires and the partners switch roles, the app will automatically reset to 45 seconds for the next round and begin the countdown. If you want 10 seconds to briefly decompress between the next 45-second speak/listen session, that’s easily accomplished as well. 

Sometimes it’s the small things that make your preferred protocols run as you would wish. 


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